Under the Microscope- Dam the rivers, control of humanity

Under the Microscope- Dam the rivers, control of humanity They meander by claiming they are addressing the needs of the poor, but are they really? Herald by the World Bank and G20 nations, as promising much needed prosperity to the poor and impoverished. Dams when erected affect communities small and large which rely on rivers, … Continued

Mastering the Art of Sailing

Mastering the Art of Sailing Have you ever felt that you were ill-suited to a life lived solely on dry land? Does the call of the sea fill you with excitement and enthusiasm along with a sense of adventure? In fact, if you have ever wished you could be a sailor, there has never been … Continued

The Basil a culinary delight

The basil, popularly referred by Italians as basilica, has its place among the fresh herbs utilized almost exclusively in Italian food preparations. Why this esteemed position one may ask? Well freshly picked herbs tastes way better than their counterpart dried herbs, because of the intensity of their flavors. The basils culinary delights are stored in … Continued

Under the microscope Caribbana-A Historical Perspective

Under the microscope Caribbana-A Historical Perspective When I first began to research the topic of Caribana in a historical perspective, I was quite unaware of the sparseness of information available. I wanted to do this article to bring awareness as per the inception of the event, and also to provide a balance to the otherwise … Continued

Beginner Camping Tips

Beginner Camping Tips By:Wendi Miller Even the most seasoned of individuals were once beginners. Face it, everybody has to learn someday. So, we’ve put together these useful tips to ensure that a beginner motor home or camping experience has a faster learning curve. It is my hope that you will find these guidelines helpful in … Continued

Sun Kissable Skin

Sun Kissable Skin New research is unearthing and in doing so, expanding our knowledge of the metabolic functions and physiological needs of vitamin D in humans, previously linked to a single purpose, long-established role of calcium absorption and bone health. Vitamin D is believed to be the only vitamin the human body synthesizes for itself … Continued

Conservation: how it all begin?

The first Conservationists: In the mid-1800s, a number of American intellectuals, including writers, and artists, notably Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, began to publicly speak out about the importance of wilderness and conservation. In 1872, the first preserve lead to Yellowstone National Park, been created. Accordingly, during the early 1900s, under President Theodore Roosevelt, saw the creation of the U.S. … Continued

Easy tips for eating Healthy on any budget

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Easy tips for eating Healthy on any budget How can I spend less while eating healthy? Eating healthy meals and snacks does not necessarily have to eat into your pocket. Here are a few ideas on eating healthy and saving your money. Many people are at times surprised to learn that cheaper foods per serving … Continued

Under the microscope: Bred to be murdered

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Under the microscope: Bred to be murdered- South Africa’s Lion “canned hunting” Industry When video footage first emerged back in1997, on a British television documentary of lions in South Africa being hunted as trophies by wealthy gun toting cowards under the guise of “the hunt”, little was known as to the far reaching implications such … Continued

Diabetes Matters

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Diabetes Matters Warning signs of diabetes? If you or an individual that you know display one or more of the symptoms listed, it may be time to ask your family physician to conduct a few test to ascertain your blood sugar levels.  The warning signs of diabetes includes; blurred vision, unusual thirstiness resulting in frequent … Continued